Athletic Republic – The Awesome Gym Downstairs

  • Athletic Republic – The Awesome Gym Downstairs

    Athletic Republic – The Awesome Gym Downstairs

    I've had the pleasure of making my way down to Athletic Republic to go to the gym to ride my road bike indoors - twice now - and am having a complete blast. I thought I'd post my impressions for any members interested in joining. I'm hoping we can potentially get a regular contingency from Assemble.

    Athletic Republic has offered to host any members of Assemble Park City.

    We will be joining them for a complementary class.

    I'm planning on going again on Thursday afternoon (November 20th) or possibly later in the day tomorrow (Tuesday, the 18th) if I have the time. Come over and say hi if you'd like to join. Scott went on Saturday and we both had a great time, so we're planning on exercising there regularly. Scott is in the true Northeast Corner office - here's what he looks like, and I'm around the corner in the inside office facing the lounge and here's what I look like.

    Athletic Republic is an interesting, highly-intelligent gym model that is customized towards specialty training workouts for specific activities, such as cycling, hockey, lacrosse and many others. They have been around for eons and train people ranging from regular folks like you and me, to the likes of Brett Hull and many other famous athletes. The routines can be tailored towards specific activities or sports, or towards your specific goals or needs.

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    Photos (taken by Brandon down there, on my iPhone):

    1. Me on the trainer. The wattage was set for 250 watts for my first session and I set it up to 280 for my second which is probably closer to where it should be or may even be a little high. I think this means average maximum. I had some durations of 250 and 320 watts under load, aka "hills."

    2. Here's what the view looks like from the saddle. The bottom screen are the stats and the specs of where you should be. The top screen was pretty awesome ESPN coverage of this weekend's wacky NFL results, once again. It was nice to find the time to finally catch up on these and just relax, even if it was just on the bike.

    3. Phil on the right, and Adam on the left in the front lobby.

    4. My custom Felt F3 that I built up last winter. It's a Sram Force 22 groupo with Chris King hubs. I'll be locking this up in the back room to use all winter, so I can continue riding down at Athletic Republic. They also have a bike storage program, so you don't have to leave your bike here. I'm leaving it upstairs because I plan to ride outside here and there, even over the winter (gulp).

    The Park City location is on the first floor of the building. They are a chain of about 140 locations & franchises nationwide, with their headquarters right here in Park City next to the gym below us. Here's a link to their corporate website, and here is the website for the Park City location.

    I was the only person for my first class, and it was just Scott and I for our second. In the gallery below you'll see what a typical day looks like when there are 8 riders.

    You hook yourself up to a cycling computer and it auto adjusts the computer based on 'terrain' that is mapped out on the screen. Your personal settings are based on your wattage outputs and it takes about 3 classes plus the results of a time-trial-esque 20 minute test to get this dialed.

    If you take a look at their Facebook page, you'll see there are lots of busy classes. I personally happened to choose one no one signed up for yet and this was great as I got a lot of attention from Adam, Brandon, Phil, and Whitney who are on their staff and are friendly and super helpful. I definitely needed it because I'm experienced cyclist but before two days ago have never even taken a spin class before or ridden indoors. I was told, and I believe, that this is a lot different than a spin class because it really feels like you're riding terrain - this classes aren't boring in the slightest.

    Post a comment below or feel free to ask me if you have any questions at all. I am planning to train for skiing, hockey, and cycling this winter with the goal to not gain the usual 10-15 lbs that I usually gain every winter, for the first time in my life.

    We have lots of cyclists and athletes in the office, so I thought I would spread the word!

    What your average day looks like down there:

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