Summit Neuropsychology

Andrew NicholsSummit Neuropsychology

Andrew J Nichols Ph. D.

Work: Private Practice in Clinical Neuropsychology

Specialties: Neuropsychological Assessment, Cognitive Remediation, Psychotherapy, & Consultation.

Location: Park City, Utah (office); also available for assessment services in New York State.

Owner: Andrew J. Nichols Ph. D.

Summit Neuropsychology provides comprehensive neuropsychological services including assessment, cognitive remediation/rehabilitation, supportive psychotherapy, and clinical consultation. Summit Neuropsychology is a small private practice located in Park City, Utah that is owned and operated Dr. Andrew Nichols, a clinical neuropsychologist licensed in both Utah and New York. Examples of services provided by Summit Neuropsychology include:

  • Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation

  • Psychoeducational & Behavioral Evaluation

  • Return to Work Evaluations

  • Independent Educational Evaluations and Second Opinions

  • Evaluations for Accommodations in High Stakes Testing (e.g. SAT, GRE)

  • Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations

  • Independent Medical Examinations

  • Gifted and Talented Evaluations

  • Cognitive Remediation & Rehabilitation Therapies

  • Supportive Psychotherapy

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